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Magic B2B Platform

MAGIC B2B.COM is a subsidiary of Artini, a Hong Kong listed company(HSI stock code:00789). Artini Group and South China Commodity Wholesale Market (also known as Xijiao Plaza) jointly built an online jewelry purchasing platform MAGIC B2B.COM. There are more than 1,000 wholesalers and factories in South China Commodity Wholesale Market, and the Magicb2b platform selects brands with cost-effective, stable quality to settle on the online procurement platform.

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    XiJiao Plaza probably the biggest and most influential jewelry wholesale market in the world.
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    Magic b2b has grown to a team of more than 50 talented individuals.
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    Since launch,110,000+ jewelry retailers have made purchase on our platform.

Working closely with a team of professional designers and top factories

in magic b2b, we offer

Choose from 16,000 sku;
start from 1 pcs.
may it be our design or your idea
we make it just for you
In graph or 3d
our top designers now work for you.

Aiming to solve retailer's problems: developing new style and meeting factory's moq and eventually helping them to build their own brands, these are the

Exclusive in magic b2b





Wholesale Market


Our Selected Suppliers

The suppliers selected by the platform must possess the following characteristics

  • have their own factory
  • have jewelry in stock
  • have their own shop
  • have their own design team
  • have opened for more than 3 years
  • Stable quality, genuine gold plating, good workmanship, and warranty for more than 1 year
  • being a top brand in a certain style

The platform price is the same as the wholesale price. We guarantee that the price you purchase online is better. For orders over 500 US dollars, we provide FREE global shipping of reknown brands, such as DHL, Fedex and UPS. Better products with lower price.